The Hague

The largest smart parking project of The Netherlands

Municipality of The Hague partners with YazamTec to resolve the ever-growing traffic woes in the busy city centre by implementing a city-wide parking automation system; setting it on track to become a truly super smart city.

Drivers finding parking add to the overall congestion of roads. If drivers could readily find parking, it is estimated to reduce road traffic congestion by 30%. Simultaneously, this would reduce air pollution from anywhere between 30-50%. This is an opportunity that was recognized by the Municipality of The Hague and YazamTec Technologies was enlisted to provide a smart solution to address the parking and traffic congestion woes of the city.

“The reports we are getting from the YazamTec team are invaluable. We get to see what’s happening in our city in terms of parking, in real-time, and compare that to historical data. That is the way informed and educated decisions are made to improve the city.”

Traffic Management and Mobility, The Hague city

“For long, we had been on a look out for solution that smartly integrates real time traffic and parking data and relay it to car drivers. Our objective was to further optimise vehicle traffic flow in the centre of the city and around. For us, YazamTec seemed to provide the complete solution, right from data collection to presentation of data via an accessible app and analytics.”

The Hague Municipality

The Solution

In a city that is already environmentally conscious, pro-pedestrian and pro-safety; only a solution that brought a drastic improvement, could make a meaningful difference. Yazamtec, a Dutch based company suggested a complete infrastructure overhaul to enable smart parking and mobility services across the the entire city centre area.

Yazamtec delivered it’s unique Parking Hero suite including:

Parking Sensors – These are surface mounted devices which collect real-time parking data weather data, detect vehicle presence in parking spaces in real time and relays the information onto YazamTec’s Smart Flow Platform. Its in-built algorithm, filters out any unwanted signals and its ultra-low power consumption design ensures ten years of battery life. As a part of the first phase, 400 parking sensors were installed in over 90 different streets, making it the biggest smart parking solution in Netherlands.

ParkingHero Insights – This is a highly efficient data collation system that collects data from various sources including the parking sensors to generate unique parking insights like  turnover, yield and occupancy. This is especially useful for planning and for traffic authorities as it aides with planning parking design and investments; leading to a reduction in overall patrolling costs and parking operations cost.

ParkingHero Map – is a website enabling to disseminate data to the general public and businesses. 

Parking Hero mobile application A mobile application helping the drivers to make the best parking decisions and to always reach a vacant parking place

Smart Flow Cloud – A unique platform to manage, monitor and configure all the deployed sensors. By leveraging smart algorithms, the platform is able to steer parking seekers to the right  locations in order to continuously optimize the traffic and reduce unwanted congestions

Abu Dhabi Municipality

The award winning smart city project

The Corniche Road in Abu Dhabi spreads across an impressive eight kilometers of manicured waterfront that includes children’s play areas, separate cycle and pedestrian pathways, cafés and restaurants, and the Corniche Beach – a lifeguarded beach park. Some 30,000 to 50,000 visitors flock to the Corniche every month, enjoying three separate sections for families, singles and the general public (Source: A growing number of cars is driving along the corniche road and finding a parking place is not an easy game, especially during the evenings, weekends and holidays. Parking is a major cause of air pollution and congestion, 30% of these negative in cities are created by people looking for a parking place. Smart Parking is a key use case for smart cities looking to improve citizen’s daily life, safeguarding environmental quality and improving economic prospects in cities.

The Benefits

YAZAMTEC was invited by its local partner iWire to trial the Parking Hero solution. The purpose of this pilot is to collect real time/historic to optimize the yield and the availability of the parking capacity. The solution uses a combination of traffic data as well as the data collected form smart parking detectors to automate the navigation of drivers towards a vacant parking place. The autonomous navigation capability reduces drastically the wasted time looking for an available parking place.

With Parking Hero solution, Abu Dhabi reduces traffic congestion and air emissions by 30% while reducing their parking management and patrolling costs with 50%. Drivers on the other hand will halve the time looking for a parking place and reduce the unnecessary time, cost and miles on the road by over 30%.

Abu Dhabi wins the Smart City award during the Sigfox connect event in Berlin 2019. Smart parking sensor

Abu Dhabi wins the Smart City award during the Sigfox connect event in Berlin. 2019

Dubai Customs

Transforming the parking experience in the government offices

UAE is known for it’s unique ministry of happiness. Each and every citizen is at the center of the government strategies to improve the life quality and  the opportunities for all of the society.

People with disabilities are provided with a special care, especially in increasing their mobility and independence. In this context, Yazamtec was invited by it’s local partner iWIRE to transform the parking experience of people with special needs.

The Benefits

Parking Hero solution was implemented to provide real time visibility and guidance to the dedicated disabled parking places across the different government buildings. This solution is helping the drivers to always reach a vacant spot without even looking for it.

As soon as a car is parked, a special notification is received by a valet agent to dispatch the required help and assistance, per example by bringing a wheelchair.

While It took a driver more than 5 minutes to receive the proper assistance (if they were lucky enough to find a parking place), now the whole journey takes less than 30 seconds!

Innovation Labs

Showcasing the latest smart city innovation

Innovation Lab is showcasing the latest smart city technologies and solutions to our partners and customers located in the middle east, Africa and western Asia.   

Cities, businesses and technology curious visitors can experience our Parking Hero solutions live from the state of the art facility. Autonomous parking navigation, parking traffic optimization,  advanced parking planning and forecasting, predictive analytics are few examples of the use cases we are running in the lab while simulating a real smart city ecosystem.