No more looking for a parking place? Now it’s a reality

We are busy transforming the parking experience in the city center of Den Haag. With the help of advanced technologies, we will help drivers to always reach a vacant parking place on the street.

What is the objective of the project?

1- Improve the driver experience in the city of center: No more looking for a parking place is becoming a reality. A new and friendly experience removing the unnecessary stress and wasted time (50% less time in looking for a parking place).

2- Improve the traffic conditions: With less circling on the roads, there will be less traffic jams generated by people looking for a parking place. We estimate a reduction of 30% in traffic.

3- Improve air quality: With less time and miles spent on the roads, there will be an improvement of air quality due to less gas emissions. We estimate between 30-50% less pollution.

4- A fair and improved experience to people with disabilities: A vacant parking place is always reachable and the available parking locations are used in the most optimal way.

5- Real time parking information and guidance provided to the public via Parking Hero mobile apps and Open web portal. This will help drivers to plan their journey ahead while shops can plan their promotions during off-peak hours to guarantee maximum parking availability on the street.

6- Create opportunities for the local communities by employing and training local social entrepreneurs to deliver this cutting edge technology

What is the result of the project?

– Solving the complexity and inefficiencies of street parking in urban centres – Improving the environmental and economic prospects in the cities

What is the next step?

Official go live by end of March 2019

What could other cities learn from your project?

With the right mix of technology, public and private partnership and social/circular thinking, we can solve complex mobility issues