Parking Hero Matrix solution and its benefits

Parking Hero Matrix is a blockchain based solution for parking management, monetisation and enforcement. 
The platform enables the integration of any parking location (street, off-street, private, business , individual ) into a universal, distributed ledger. 
The nature of the ledger is immutable and impossible to temper with, allowing all the parties involved (parking owners, managers and enforcers) to transact in a highly transparent, secure and trustworthy fashion. No need for  financial reconciliations and costly processing , all the parties have immediate access to settlement between the parties involved.

The solution features

  1. Management of any parking location : Pricing, regulations, restrictions etc.
  2. Monetisation of any parking location : Allowing multi payment providers via multi channel such as mobile/web applications, API, payment stations, autonomous vehicles.
  3. Accurate enforcement via number plate identification : The platform allows enforcement via APIs, handheld terminals or scan cars as well as parking sensors

Digitalize the entire parking industry

  1. Digitalise the parking management and operations where payment and parking permits (disabled , residential , business …) are managed digitally
  2. Integrate both on-street and off-street parking capacity into a single system, allowing the drivers to access and pay for any location
  3. Unlocking new parking capacity for free by allowing private parking owners, businesses and individuals to inject parking capacity into the network
  4. Stimulate healthy competition between multiple payment providers -> Creating multiple and affordable digital parking services to citizens
  5. Increase the enforcement efficiency and enforcement revenues via highly accurate fraud identification
  6. Enabling innovation via multiple use cases (enforcement of disabled parking locations, digital distribution and management of residential and business permits, enforcement of regulations like environmental zones etc.)

City scan powered by AI

It is not efficient to have sensors deployed in all the city though our customers would like to have a complete scan of parking availability. At Yazamtec we overcome this challenge with the Cityscan solution. We continuously use raw data with AI algorithmes and combined it with live parking events to have finaly an optimal accurate parking occupancy for the entire city.