The Matrix Blockchain

Manage, operate and monetize any parking location by leveraging blockchain technology

Transforming the parking experience

Real time guidance, navigation and information by leveraging smart sensors and IoT

Augment your decision making with AI

Plan your parking and real estate investments based on future and accurate predictions

What we do?

Our solutions enable cities to achieve a new mobility and parking experience, based on technologies that reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, road risks and parking operational costs
  • Digitilalize the entire parking processes
  • Make your decisions based on unique, timely, accurate city wide data
  • Steer the drivers directly to the best parking locations
  • Target the enforcement activities based on current and expected frauds

Added value

Value for cities

  • Optimise parking regulations based on unique insights
  • Reduce air pollution and traffic congestion
  • Digitalise your parking management and enforcements

Value for Parking Operators

  • Monetise any parking asset: on or off-street
  • Let your customers pay via their channel of choice
  • Powerful pricing and real time charging of any parking transaction
  • Razor sharp enforcement

Value for Parking Owners

  • Monetise your parking asset and generate new revenues
  • Keep full control, trust and visibility over your parking transactions

Value for the Drivers

  • A stress free parking experience
  • 50% time and energy saving while looking for a parking place
  • Improved parking accessibility for people with disabilities

Our solutions

Our solutions re-design the parking experience with technologies that transform the parking guidance, navigation, operations and management
We operate all over the world, under any secure IoT network Sigfox, LoRa, NB-IoT
We in-source research and development to create tailored solutions for traffic and parking optimization
We re-design the parking experience with technologies that transform the parking guidance, navigation, operations and management
We inject innovation into cities DNA to participate in creating livable and sustainable cities

ParkingHero App

Empower the drivers to reach the best parking locations as fast and easy as possible

  • Plan your trip
  • Follow the guidance
  • Always reach a vacant parking spot on street
Monitor your entire city parking from one cockpit; smart parking sensor

ParkingHero Insights

Make every investment and enforcement decision matter

  • Monitor your entire city parking from one cockpit
  • Plan your enforcement based on predicted frauds
  • Dispatch your patrol to the exact locations at the right time
Monitor, configure and manage all your installed base; smart parking sensor

ParkingHero Portal

The only thing you need to do is to place our sensor on the ground, we automate all the rest!

  • Install and activate the parking sensors in less than 5 minutes
  • Monitor, configure and manage all your installed base
  • Detect and fix anomalies
Get notified as soon as your visitors park their car; smart parking sensor

ParkingHero VIP

Let your customers and visitors enjoy their parking experience

  • Get notified as soon as your visitors park their car
  • Make sure your customers always find where to park
  • Promote your business directly to parking seekers
Integrate with secure APIs; smart parking sensor

ParkingHero Data

We can help you transform your business with our unique, timely and accurate parking data.

  • Simplify your business decisions with powerful yet friendly to use reports
  • Access to both real time, historical and predictive insights
  • Integrate with secure APIs
Plug and play smart parking sensor

ParkingHero Sensor

A surface-mounted smart parking sensor that communicates directly over the air with our Smart Flow Platform. Provides real-time parking data, accurate vehicle detection in parking spaces, 10 years of battery life even in the harshest environmental conditions.

  • Accurate sensing system for vehicle detection with intelligent algorithm to filter unwanted noise
  • Designed for ultra-low power consumption
  • Plug and play

Clients and partners

Some of our dear clients and partners

IoT Malta

Den Haag

Apollo 14



What makes us unique?

“No one can be everywhere at the same time”, a general wisdom that we are happily challenging.

Whether you are located in a rural or city area, in-door or out-door, over or under the ground, in Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia or Australia, we have you covered!

No need for costly or complex infrastructure that generate hidden costs … You just need to place our sensor on the ground and it works immediately.

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